The relative who was suffering since 33 years from diabetes and struggling for his day to day health, was the trigger point, when we plan for solution & have done Ideation & development of Herbal mix for diabetes sugar management.
Indian herbs are rare & actually lost treasure having lots of medicinal properties. India is the second highest producer of medicinal herbs in the world after China. Himalayas, Aravalis and Nilgiri mountains are the greatest reserves of medicinal herbs in India. We are inspired by Herbs & have created a separate segment for its spread and promotions.
# We are leading brand in Food segments as well. Out categories includes:
* Premix – Bakery segment and Focussing for customer’s future needs & solution thru R&D
* Medical Accessories – post covid19 lots of requirements in medical products
* Indian Herbs & solution for issues like diabetes, indigestion, food carvings, migraine &
similar issues with body !!
The Customer experience is Amazing and we spend each day doing so by sharpening the tools of the recipe testing & improvisation.
Currently We operates Pan India & outside thru exports.


Quality Grading

Continuous improvement & new development ahead of competition is the Basis of our Ecosystem and the framework for all innovation & improvisations are made within these walls. Heads up, they tend to be contagious & 100% customer friendly. We bet once you just eat us.. you cant forget brand Gluteno



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