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What is Skin Pigmentation?

Skin pigmentation is a result of over production of melanin. It is a pigment that leads to dark spots, skin darkening, and patchy skin. In the case of hyper-pigmentation, it can even spread to hands, toes, fingers, and areas around mouth. The skin problem commonly happens to those with wheatish skin tone and dark skin.

Causes of Skin Pigmentation:

Direct exposure to sunlight, skin problems, genetics, and hormonal imbalance and climate changes may affect your skin and cause pigmentation.
There are several remedies available at stores for pigmentation. But using homemade face packs are more effective and cause no side effects. Below we show you the best natural face packs for beauty aficionados who take their skincare seriously.

Process to make skin face pack :

1. Take the powder 1 spoon

2. Add allovera gel proportionately

3. Add half spoon honey, Lomon half cut

4. For dry skin add 2 drops of essential oil/extra virgin olive oil

Keep the pack aside for 15 min and then apply it to face. To have more effect, cover the face with wet towel/clothe.

Keep for 30-45 min and then little scrub to remove it. Use normal water to wash.

See the glow on face and don’t use soap for some time.

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  1. Govind kumar

    100% herbal pack made for you which removes pigmentation marks of face & great results

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