Ultimate Pet Safaa Herbal mix 400 GM for Hard Kabj /constipation 100% herbal Corona safe @699

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Constipation Kabji is decease of life style or improper fooding.

Herbal cure is brand which helps people to get away with  undigested food and clear the food pipe every day.

This is for chronic decease people.


Enjoy the greatness of Indian herbs & clear your stomach indigestion smoothly every day ! Old age issues gone.

No constipation now. Lucky you !!

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Relieves constipation: The natural ingredients in powder mix soften the stool and enhance intestinal motility, which relieve acute and chronic constipation effectively. Due to its herbal property, the drug assists excretion without upsetting the fluid-electrolyte balance (mineral and water balance) in the body. Herbal cure is non-habit forming and does not result in physiological dependence.

Other actions: For effective pre-radio-graphic bowel preparation, herbs eliminates gas shadows, ensures better radiological interpretation and avoids repeated exposures. The drug is also a carminative that treats indigestion and stimulates the gastrointestinal tract.


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