“Miracle Herbs for Quick Weight Loss Natural Remedy” 100% Ayurvedic Herbal Cure Powder for Fit body



weight loss herbal powder

The Weight loss Products is sure for success & great boon for fat people to regain HEALTH.

Herbal & Ayurvedic weightloss mix comes from the house of Gluteno “Herbal Care”.

Herbal-Care is a brand that makes the Natural, Ayurvedic and Herbal ingredients based products.

It’s a natural appetite supplement, which regulates food craving and controls appetite, Contains anti-oxidants and has anti ageing effects.

Effective for both male and female weight management.

Direction:- Take 1 spoon of powder with water 3 times in day.

Use regular for 1-1.5 months for satisfactory results.

Dont’s- Do not drink cold water, Tea, Oily & Fast or any type of Packed food – Oily or sugary items

Keep doing regular walks/Run, Drink green tea & control drinking excess water too.

  • Weight loss power : Patient experienceDay 1 : Little softens the stomach and start working, you may feel !Day 2 : Digestion start becoming fast, Stool is soften and over eating gets cleared immediately, at this stage the diet control is imp.Day 3 : Digestion remains fast & body demand more food, sweet, fat based item- avoid the FAT/OIL/Sugar/Maida/Carbs, after 8 pm no foodDay 4: Start doing Brisk Walks and sweat a little, Body will hold the weight thru all means

    Day 5: Little weight loss is seen 700-800 gm while body again demands the fatty food to recover. Avoid sugar based tea etc, use skimmed buffalo or cow milk.

    Day 6: Body will try to make up weigh loss thru excess water and carbs, but try to lose as much water as possible and drink controlled quantity.

    Day 7 : Body will start losing weight and total weight loss will start moving up. Ideally 1-2 kg in w1 thru controlled eating & 15-20 min walking post food is possible.

    Continue the same process. W2 weight loss will be 2-3 kg & then you need to do muscle building exercises as well to shift from fat to muscle based body. Typically it depends on person to person for his results but definitely it helps to lose weight with lost term results, not only just fat lose with water. So try it & share your results !

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200 gm, 500 gms, 1000 gms, 5 kg


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